First release on our main label is ‘Boomerang’ – a driving euphoric house track with a touch of glitch and a dreamy piano riff.

Jeremus really brings his top #3 billboard experience to the party with this track. But the real wow factor comes in the form of the gritty bassline accelerating from a smokey breakdown. This is hands in the air peak time stuff when it kicks off.

On the remix duties we have two different approaches with one remix from Resetica – offering a progressive, piano lead house mix that turns sour towards the end. Great if you want to catch your audience out and turn your set from light to dark with one track.

We Are Tall Order offer the 3rd remix with a twisted electro banger, something that will turn the dancefloor inside out in matter of moments from the first break – do not miss this peak time remix!

written by Steven James (20 Posts)

Music Producer, DJ, Label Owner of Warped Bridge Records and Bitwig Beats Blogger bringing the best reviews, news and tution online for the forthcoming Bitwig Studio Software.