Label veteran James Wilson brings his first 3 track EP to the newly branded Warped House Records – causing a stir with those who have heard it. If you like your flavour of dj mixes to be full of deep, dark attitude borderline techno then this release is one you can’t afford to miss out on.

The first track is an almighty tech house track taking inspiration from a legend in the house scene – Sasha.The track ‘Contrast’ brings a familiar sound not too dissimilar to the iconic ‘Xpander’ by Sasha himself but with a darker horizon and a more current vibe, IF YOU LIKED XPANDER YOU WILL LOVE THIS as much as we did!

Inertia is a sneaky yet rather funky tech track,making it hard to differentiate between tech house and techno. This one certainly brings even more dark beats but with cutting synth leads. Add to this the awesome synthy breaks, it doesn’t take long before going back to the funk to keep those legs moving.

Usually you keep the best for last, but it would be hard to beat a track like Contrast’on this release, however if you like your beats dark, funky and bass heavy then this track is for you. Less synthy than the others on this release but it just rols and rolls – perfect for funking up the floor!

written by Steven James (20 Posts)

Music Producer, DJ, Label Owner of Warped Bridge Records and Bitwig Beats Blogger bringing the best reviews, news and tution online for the forthcoming Bitwig Studio Software.