Resetica – Incoherent EP


Includes all 3 tracks

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Product Description

‘Cloud Nine’ – When it’s hard to categorise a track you know you’re onto something special. This track could be an electro trance driver. Not officially trance and certainly not just electro but it does contain wicked pads, builds, tension and the drop is POW! Full steam ahead with this one, a unique electronic driving monster ;)

‘I Can’t Stop’ – Mega Driving Electro EDM madness with infectious bassline drops and layers of percussion you want to shake your booty at. Not your typical EDM track, Warning! – this contains more dirty bassline, acid, synth leads and LESS TRANCE STABS. Peak time monster alert!

‘Vengeance’ – has the deepest darkest distorted bassline intertwined with tight drums and electronic stabs. A fantastic first release for Resetica, who should certainly grab attention from those in the techno scene. Imagine early Mauro Picotto ‘Verdi’ mixed with a bit of Madeon and you’re almost there.

written by Steven James (20 Posts)

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