Warped Bridge Records first release ‘Boomerang’ by Jeremus stolen

Warped Bridge Records first release ‘Boomerang’ by Jeremus stolen

Our first ever release on Warped Bridge Records by Jeremus, titled ‘Boomerang’, has been stolen by an artist named ‘Kheda’ as we look to expose him as a fake and more importantly a thief.

PRESS RELEASE: Newcastle Upon Tyne, 9th December, 2014 – Warped Bridge Records have come to find out that our master recording of our debut release by , titled ‘Boomerang’, has been used by another so-called artist named ‘Kheda’ on TWO other different record labels Banguru Records and RaveUp Records.

After 6 months of hard work in the studio, Jeremus (supported by BT & Bill Hamel) offered ‘Boomerang’ as the debut release on our newly formed independent digital record label. We were extremely excited about this release as the track crossed many sub genres of EDM, from trance, electro, glitch to dubstep, but most importantly we felt it would certainly be a hit on the dancefloor, and as W&W have proved with mega support for Kheda’s ripped track – ‘Felix‘ we certainly weren’t wrong.

tracksUnfortunately during our promotional period before official release back in 2012, an artist named ‘Kheda’ acquired a copy of this track (possibly through our free promotional mailout) to which he has gone and renamed to ‘Felix’ and published through another two record labels unbeknown to them that he has no ownership of the actual masters or track itself. We have only found out about this now from great services such as Audiam and Audiolock due to a re-release on a different label in the past year, realising he has had some great exposure and support on this track from big artists such as W&W themselves that should have been for Jeremus instead. Not only has Kheda stolen our track, he has also done this before, you can see someone else has tried to expose him by reading here. As quoted by Judge Jules himself after some initial legal advice – ‘I can’t believe someone has had the audacity to do this‘, we can only but issue multiple DMCA take down notices for this stolen release (Kheda – Felix) to all the usual digital music stores and hope that with the release of this information we can stop this guy from any further damage to other artists out there and expose him as a fake.

Please show support for the original master recording and Jeremus himself by purchasing ‘Boomerang’ either from Beatport or direct on this website using the following links:


[Fake] Kheda – Felix (Beatport)
[Fake] Kheda Facebook
[Fake] Kedha Twitter
[Fake] Kheda on Soundcloud

(only embed we could find to compare as we have issued takedown notices on Beatport, Youtube and Soundcloud)


 ***UPDATE – 10th December from Kheda***

Response from Kheda himself – I often wrote to the rest peoples that the track stolen not by me, so track signed under my name, but with me at that time worked my former manager and ghost producer who is partially engaged in writing tracks for me. (‘ Ivan Stolyarov’)



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The record label was founded by Steven James, who has 15 years DJ experience and is now a Digital & Production Specialist. Since working as Technical Sales Manager and DJ specialist for one of the UK’s leading music tech stores, Steven James now also runs an online community for the upcoming Bitwig Studio software – Bitwig Beats.

Warped Bridge is an extension to the Bitwig Beats community, not only offering talented community members the chance to submit their music for release but for also anyone else interested in getting their future dancefloor hits out to the world of digital DJs and performance controllerists.

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