Resetica – Transparent Out Now on Beatport

Resetica – Transparent Out Now on Beatport

Available on all the top digital record stores, Transparent brings a new more techno sound for Resetica with dark bubbly bassline drops and industrial edge.

With the original catching veteran superstar DJ Jurgen’s attention and offering global support, on the flipside is the Hypnotek Remix by James Wilson another dark and more deeper techno track for all those looking to turn the lights out and create an atmosphere.

Supported globally by DJ Tronic, We Are Tall Order, Sergio MAtina, DJ Jurgen, Rob Boskamp, Sasha Le Monnier, John Castell and Glenn Friscia.

Available now on Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Trackitdown, Beats Play and more…

written by Steven James (20 Posts)

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