About Warped Bridge Records

New Digital Record Label – Warped Bridge Records is formed with over 4 new artists already signed

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UK, 15th December 2012 – Warped Bridge Records is a newly formed independent digital record label from the North East, UK. With at least four new artists already signed and multiple remix artists on the books, plus more to come in the very near future. Warped Bridge has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Label Worx and publishes direct to the most popular DJ orientated music stores such as Beatport, Trackitdown, Audiojelly, iTunes, Juno and more worldwide.

Warped Bridge will release quality productions within a broad genre band of electronic music covering house, techno, trance, breaks and all sub genres in between. All releases will be targeted for DJ performance and be offered in formats current to the latest trends of DJ technology. Traktor Pro, Pioneer Rekordbox, Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio performance software titles will all be covered in each release keeping playlist preparation to a minimum.

The record label was founded by Steven James, who has 15 years DJ experience and is now a freelance DJ and Music Technology consultant for Steven James Productions. Since working as Technical Sales Manager and DJ specialist for one of the UK’s leading music tech stores, Steven James now also runs an online community for the upcoming Bitwig Studio software – Bitwig Beats.

Warped Bridge is an extension to the Bitwig Beats community, not only offering talented community members the chance to submit their music for release but for also anyone else interested in getting their future dancefloor hits out to the world of digital DJs and performance controllerists.

“Since working for one of the UK’s leading music tech stores as Technical Sales Manager, i have come across much new DJ technology and performance software that requires an awful lot of preparation work by the DJ’s who use it. This label will help reduce preparation time by offering tracks already beatgridded for your chosen software such as Traktor Pro and Rekordbox. Or for other performance software such as Ableton Live and Bitwig you can simply download the required warp marker files and you’re ready to go!” -Steven James Warped Bridge Records / Bitwig Beats.